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Advanced Experiential Workshop
June 4 - 8, 2014



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We will call within 24 hours for details - be sure to give us phone numbers at which we can reach you within this time frame so we can secure your seat.
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$100 Deposit
$795 Early Registration Special if PIF by May 1, 2014
$995 Full Tuition
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Participants are responsible for their own lodging. Hotel suggestions are available upon request. Space will be limited to 10 participants.

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Registration Information

Please fill out the form to reserve your space for the Going Deeper advanced training. If you want more information on the this training, click here.

Note that the form is emailed directly to ALC and we handle each registration personally.

In all cases, your registration is not official until we receive a deposit.

Contact any one of the management team if you have any questions or concerns:

Chris Mathe
(916) 709-1170


Maril Cardwell
(916) 838-1321


Debbie Oudiz
(907) 299-6660


Gayle Mathe
(916) 709-9233


Phil Stahr
(916) 812-3726


Lou Zweier
(707) 364-7907


Ayleen O'Connell
(916) 712-2551


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